After a successful Kickstarter campaign in November 002016, Living Deep Time Calendar Year 000001 remains available for individual purchase via smudge while supplies last, from an edition of 200. Living Deep Time Calendar Year 000001 is a perpetual calendar that can be activated anytime of year, starting from any date.

$18.00 USD + shipping



the times of Earth + Moon, from Living Deep Time Calendar Year 000001

Maybe like us, you think it’s time to change the way we humans are living time on this planet.

Maybe like us, you think art can be a mysteriously powerful vehicle for doing just that.

When you practice Living Deep Time Calendar Year 000001, you connect to the many, and often strange, time beings beyond yourself.

You put into effect a channel for creating wonder and meaning in your life that won’t go extinct — not even in the Anthropocene.

We invite you to activate Living Deep Time Calendar Year 000001 as a medium for noticing and appreciating wildly diverse speeds, scales, rhythms and durations of time swirling around you, within you, and as you. Use it as inspiration to create relief, wonder, and livable time in the Anthropocene.

Living Deep Time Calendar Year 000001 is a daily practice that can help you adapt your own life’s rhythms to the times of the Anthropocene.

Living Deep Time Calendar Year 000001 consists of:

- a 46 card set, including three introductory cards and 43 poetic images with accompanying text. They will escort you into encounters with the (often strange) times of a wide variety of things and beings. Printed on both sides of elliptically shaped, 4.5″ x 5.25″, card stock.
- naturally finished wood holder for displaying and interacting with the images and text,
- cotton-muslin bag to hold the collection of calendar cards,
- 6″ x 9″ illustration that you can mark daily to visualize where you are within the time-producing movements of the earth around the sun.

The 43 calendar cards are your vehicles to:

Observe the massive and intimate forces of time within and around you.
Wonder at time’s speeds and scales.
Draw inspiration from time’s wild creativeness.
Navigate big fast change in the Anthropocene.
Re-score your own distracted “modern” rhythms.
The Living Deep Time Calendar 000001 includes images and text for the times of:

fiber optic cables
temporary housing
Ise Jingu
the galactic year
the color blue
the human body
the ancestors
the fifth season
the hurricane
the journey
the cloud
the zodiac
+ more!



From November 1 to December 11, 002015 we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for the project — Living Deep Time Year 000001 to support the reserach and production of the Living Deep Time Calendar Year 000001.

We dedicated 362.2425 days of 002016 towards researching and inventing ways to live time on our planet differently — ways that were up to the radical newness of what time means in the Anthropocene. We worked to invent a truly contemporary calendar – one that actually helps orient humans in the dizzying new time-habitat that is the Anthropocene.

As part of the year-long research we sent our funders field dispatches in the form of limited edition postcards–original works of mail art. Each dispatch described a practice that we discovered through our process. To read more and experienced these dispatches please see the following links:

postcard1Postcard Dispatch #1: Beyond Human Standard Time (February 002016)

postcard2Postcard Dispatch #2: The TIme of the Last Drop (March 002016)

Postcard Dispatch #3: See it Rise, the art of Conveyance (June 002016)


Postcard Dispatch #4: The Last Eight Minutes (September 002016)