Tilt of the Earth 23.5º Teacup is a limited edition of 70 hand-thrown porcelain tea cups produced in 002018 as part of smudge studio's East is a Circle project.

As artists, we are curious about what happens when we attempt to hold the thought of Earth-magnitude processes, and experience them at the scale of local, daily-life practices. We consider this embodiment to be a form of environmental practice. We also consider this to be an ecological practice because it helps weave modern consciousness back into the cosmos. 

Tilt of the Earth 23.5º Teacup signals and responds to the highly consequential fact that the Earth rotates at an angle as it orbits the sun. The planet’s tilted spin generates continuous change that directly shapes the ongoing evolution of Earth-life. It causes the transitions from day to night as well as seasons, ocean currents, and climates. Human bodies/brains/minds literally embody these forces in our multiple biological and cultural clocks.

We offer this cup as a material tale. Its unique form both invites and accommodates a humble gesture — the drinking of tea — in a way that orients one's body and gestures toward an awareness of planetary forces. We also offer this cup as means for reorienting daily life within the Anthropocene.

The foot of each cup is stamped with the kanji for tea (茶) at a 23.5º angle, and the year of production: 002018. Each cup is packaged with an "instruction" sheet for activating it and a handmade certificate of its limited-edition.

Project specifications: Cone 6 porcelain with white glaze. Each cup has been hand-thrown on a wheel, measures approximately 3"x 3" and is tilted to 23.5º. Due to their handmade nature, cup shapes and sizes vary slightly. 002018 edition of 70, 002019 edition TBA.
*produced using 100% solar power.

Order now for shipment of the 002019 edition in early April.

Priority two-day shipping and insurance are added at check-out.
*If shipping to an address outside the United States, please email us directly to place an order (smudgestudio@gmail.com).

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The cups were activated in micro-productions and/or included in the following exhibition events:

Deep Time Lab with Nina Elder, University of New Mexico Art Museum, February 002019

Tea at the Tilt of the Earth, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle. Hosted by the Cross-disciplinary Research Cluster on the Anthropocene, at the Earthly Impressions Symposium, Washington University, March 002019

Learn more about our production collaborators for the project: Janna DeWan and Zachary Fields, based in Portland, Maine.




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