Tea ceremony staged while in residency at the Kugel-Gips house (Wellfleet, MA) and aligned to 23.5º (Earth’s axial tilt). Performed on the occasion of the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere on March 20, 002018, approx. 12:12 EST in Wellfleet, MA, while at an eastward Earth spin of 772 mph. 

What does it take for two artists| humans to continuously sense and attune to the spin of their Planet? What creative, spiritual, philosophical and material consequences might result from living this awareness?

As artists living the Anthropocene, we are increasingly curious about what happens when we attempt to hold the thought of, pay close attention to, and track Earth-magnitude change as it plays out on local, daily-life scales.  To explore that question, we are reshaping everyday actions and developing and honing new capacities of perception and attention at scales that are beyond our usual habits of mind.

As conventional languages of “sunset,” “sunrise” and “east” begin to change meaning for us as a result of our performative research, we will change the stories we tell of them. As we multiply our perspectives on Earth in creative response to its ceaseless changes in direction, we will cultivate ways of "knowing" and "seeing" ourselves in relation to the planet that are, likewise, in-motion. Making such shifts in scale, language/concepts/meanings, and perspectives is one way that aesthetic practice might address, and live, the Anthropocene.   

East is a Circle is a growing set of ongoing, experimental practices for rescaling our daily live practices and ways of knowing to the current and evolving parameters of life on Earth.

Two projects have resulted from this research so far: Turning into the Night and Tilt of the Earth/23.5º Teacup.

23.5º teacup (prototype), from East is a Circle, smudge studio 002018

The 23.5º tea cup is a prototype that has resulted from living the East is a Circle process. The tilt of the earth (23.5º) is a highly consequential (to life) material fact that our habitual representations of "nature" often miss or mis-represent. The tea cup is tipped in a way that signals and responds the tilt of the Earth. Pouring and drinking tea at the angle of the Earth's tilt offers an embodied sensation of re-orientating our selves to a "remediated" sense of self-in-the-universe. Please visit Tilt of the Earth 23.5º Teacup to learn more about the completed project.

*special thanks to Cape Cod Modern House Trust


Work resulting from the East is a Circle project has been screened or exhibited at the following events:

Being Alone, Sharing: Conversations on Survival at the Leubsdorf Gallery at Hunter College, April 002018

Field Re-Mediations, after Mel Chin, Karolina Sobecka and The Cybernetics Library, Queens Museum of Art, May 002018


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