Cosmos Night: Flood of Light is a micro-production first staged at Arts Letters & Numbers in September 002019 for a group of resident artists and community members. We offered this work, and its various future iterations, as radical acts of hospitality for living daily life within the Anthropocene.

The work is part empirical observation, part moon-viewing gathering, part act of self-cultivation and part participant co-production. It included experiencing the waxing September moon, a 22-page risograph zine created for the occasion, and a comos-immersion tea service. Tea was offered in the spirit of the Taoist sages, court poets, tea monks and others who have taken time to pause and find aesthetic means for aligning their lives, bodies, and minds with the vast forces of the cosmos.

We offer this micro-production for the joy and meaning that results when humans cultivate relationality with vast, geo/cosmo forces. It constitutes a practice for working with our minds and the languages we use as we live through the unprecedented change of the Anthropocene. Our aim is to provide an aesthetic medium for accessing what is magnificently beyond us by re-weaving brains, bodies and minds back into the cosmos.

Each time we nest seemingly commonplace activities of daily life–such as moon viewing and tea drinking–within cosmological forces and scales, we perform a vital aesthetic-ecological act. 

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Cosmos Night: Flood of Light, August 002019

MICRO-PRODUCTION DOCUMENTATION>> Cosmos Night: Flood of Light, September 002019

**all documentation images courtesy Lisa Hirmer

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