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smudge studio is a collaboration between Jamie Kruse and Elizabeth Ellsworth founded in 2005 (skip to bios)

Our media include photography, performative research, multiples, installation and micro-productions. We use these media to connect daily life experiences to vast, generative forces of cosmological change. We take this to be a vital aesthetic-ecological act.

In the midst of the massive and disorienting changes that are altering our own species’ habitat, we slow and pause to perform local, ephemeral, unrepeatable acts of aesthetic hospitality, and invite audiences to pay close attention to the ever-shifting and impermanent conditions of life on Earth. Our works enframe seemingly commonplace activities of everyday life (the drinking of tea, the awareness of sunlight) within perspectives on time, landscape, and interactivity that are geologic in scale. By offering embodied experiences of the Anthropocene nested within the cosmological, we aim to deepen collective abilities to re-scale human expectations of stability and predictability, without sinking into distraction or despair, and to creatively inhabit Earth’s ever-changing conditions.

smudge is a member of the Atomic Photographers Guild and selected work (2007- present) is archived at the Center for Art + Environment, Nevada Museum of Art.


2019 Cosmos Night: Flood of Light
         Arts Letters and Numbers, Averill Park, NY
         Deep Time Lab with Nina Elder
         University of New Mexico Art Museum
        Tea at the Tilt of the Earth,
Henry Art Gallery
         hosted by the Cross-disciplinary Research Cluster on the Anthropocene, Washington University

2018 Power of Now
         Pasquart Switzterland
         Ambiguous Territory: Architecture, Landscape and the Postnatural
         Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York
         University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
         Field Remediations with Karolina Sobecka and The Cybernetics Library
         Queens Museum
2017 Incident Report: Reports
         September Gallery, Hudson, NY
Ambiguous Territory: Architecture, Landscape and the Postnatural
         University of Michigan Taubman College Gallery
         con•tin•u•ums (time beyond lifetimes)
         curated by Patrick Jaojoco, Pfizer Building, Brooklyn, NY
         Postcards for the Anthropocene: Unsettling the Geopolitics of Representation
         University of Edinburgh, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Scotland
         Conveyance \what's here/
         Santa Fe Art Institute Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2016 Climate Research Project, Journal of Aesthetics and Protest
         7th International UNESCO Conference on Global Geoparks

         Torby, England
         Climate Kit, Tools of/for/from the Anthropocene

Dunedin, New Zealand, project managed by Sara Dean

         Alice Yard, Port of Spain, Trinidad
Open Studio, Rising Waters II (residency group exhibition)
         Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Captiva, FL
Meaning Making Meaning
         A-Venue, Göteborgs, Sweden
From Trinity to Hiroshima and Beyond (Atomic Photographers Guild group exhibition)
         Old Bank of Japan, Hiroshima Branch, Hiroshima, Japan
         Golden Spike: Rock Shop of the Anthropocene

         Logan Square Comfort Station, Chicago, IL
Look Only at the Movement (solo show)
Nevada Museum of Art, Center for Art + Environment
         Official Office
         Recess (NYC) and STORE (Dresden)
2014 Dirt Dialogues
         20th World Congress of Soil Science, Jeju, Korea
         Soil Culture Forum
         Falmouth England
Inhabiting Change
         small projects, Tromsø, Norway
Look Only at the Movement (solo show)
Center for Land Use Interpretation, Wendover, UT
 Look Only at the Movement (solo show)
         Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe, NM
2013 Look Only at the Movement (solo show)
Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, Parsons, The New School for Design, New York, NY
         Annual Juried Competition (Photography)
Schoolhouse Gallery, Provincetown, MA
         Semmer-Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany
         Secret Wars

Proteus Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY
2012 Behind The Atom Curtain (group exhibition of the Atomic Photographers Guild)
Rocky Flats Cold War Museum, Arvada, CO
Zuihitsu: Look Only at the Waves (solo show)
Area Gallery, University of Southern Maine, Portland, ME (exhibition review in the Portland Phoenix)
NY ART BOOK FAIR, Printed Matter, Inc.
         MoMA PS1, New York, NY, exhibited by Soberscove Press
         Ten Days That Shook the World
Herring Cove Beach Bathhouse, Cape Cod National Seashore, Provincetown, MA
Thingness of Energy (solo show)
Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, Parsons, The New School for Design, New York, NY
In the Interest of Time (solo show)
Brazos Gallery, Richland College, Dallas, TX
         Object Migration
Proteus Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY
         Mapping the Surface
Central Booking, Brooklyn, NY
2011 NY ART BOOK FAIR, Printed Matter, Inc.
         MoMA PS1, New York, NY, exhibited by Soberscove Press
Geologic City, pop-up exhibition and launch party
         Studio-X, New York, NY
Artists in Residence for the US Government (Self-Declared)
A Project by Maureen Connor and the Institute for Wishful Thinking, Momenta Art, Brooklyn, NY
         The Atlantic Cable
Incident Report, Hudson, NY
2010 NY ART BOOK FAIR, Printed Matter, Inc.
         MoMA PS1, New York, NY, exhibited by the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest
NURTUREart Benefit Show
ZieherSmith Gallery, New York, NY
         NEW MEDIA

         Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Provincetown, MA
         Landscapes of Quarantine

         Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York, NY, curated by Geoff Manaugh and Nicola Twilley
2009 Worlds To Come (solo show)
         Sweet Lorraine Gallery, Red Hook, NY

         NURTUREart Benefit Show
         Claire Oliver Gallery, New York, NY
Quaking Bog
         Provincetown, MA
Video Party
         Schoolhouse Gallery, Provincetown, MA         
Tea Shack
Art by the Sea Trap Shed, Provincetown, MA
         The Woodlands Project
         The Porches Inn at MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA
2007 Site Matters: Brooklyn
         Brooklyn Arts Council Gallery
         Poetics of Nightsoil
         11th Annual DUMBO Art Under The Bridge Festival, Brooklyn, NY
         LImit Cases
         Polar Inertia Issue #29
Colors of New York
         Chasham Gallery, New York, NY
         Imagined Worlds         
         REDHEAD LMCC Space, New York, NY
2006 East River Reverses: Becomes New York
         10th Annual DUMBO Art Under The Bridge Festival, Brooklyn, NY
         Open Studio Exhibition
         Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, 125 Maiden Lane, New York, NY
         Follow the LOVE in North Adams
         Center for Detourism; Contemporary Artists Center,North Adams, MA
         Channels:  Emerging Media Publics
         Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, 15 Nassau Space, New York, NY
         Back to Nature
         Contemporary Artists Center, North Adams, MA
         Marconi Machines
         WOMR, Provincetown Community Radio, Provincetown, MA
         Live radio broadcast and simultaneous web exhibition.


HEMERA FOUNDATION, Tending Space Fellowship for Artists, Summer 2017, Spring 2018, Fall 2019
Granted for study with David Hinton, Kazuaki Tanahashi, Zuisei Goddard, Hobai (Chado), Zen Mountain Monastery, NY

Guest Researchers Spring 2014
Granted for Future North
Project manager: Janike Kampevold Larsen, Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Research and Development category
Granted for Repository: A Typological Guide to America’s Ephemeral Nuclear Infrastructure

in collaboration with the Vera List Center for Art and Politics, New York, NY
Granted for Thingness of Energy

NEW YORK STATE COUNCIL ON THE ARTS (NYSCA), Architecture Planning & Design, 2012
Granted for Repository: A Typological Guide to America's Ephemeral Nuclear Infrastructure

BROOKLYN ARTS COUNCIL regrant, New York Department of Cultural Affairs, 2011
Granted for Geologic City: A Field Guide to the GeoArchitecture of New York

NEW YORK STATE COUNCIL ON THE ARTS (NYSCA), Architecture Planning & Design program 2011
Granted for Geologic City: A Field Guide to the GeoArchitecture of New York

Granted for Extrememediastudies.org

Granted for Extrememediastudies.org

125 Maiden Lane, New York, NY


"Steps (ippo ippo ippo)", Lexicon for an Anthropocene Yet Unseen, eds. Cymene Howe, Anand Pandian, punctum books, 2019.

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'Is Not the Anthropocene a Thundering into Who Knows What?' in ASAP/J: Forum: Climate Change, Apocalypse, and the Arts of the Present, eds. Dan Sinykin and Jessica Hurley, Association for the Study of Arts of the Present, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018

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Live blog from the Albuquerque Museum, LAND/ART Panel, June 2009

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"Becoming Human / Artist: Moving in Accord with the Change that Makes the World”
Performance Paradigm #4, 2008

“Limit Cases” Polar Inertia Journal, Issue #29, August 2007


Being Alone, Sharing: Conversations on Survival, Leubsdorf Gallery, Hunter College, NY, April 2018

The Climate Museum and Parsons School of Design, New York, NY, January 2018

AMULETS FOR THE ANTHROPOCENE: PRACTICES FOR LIVING IN AND AS CHANGE , Davies Forum Lecture, for “Making Sense of the Anthropocene,” San Francisco University/Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, October 2016

WALKING IN HYPOTHETICALS, at The Hypothetical: Institutions, Fictions, Environments, Institute of Modern and Contemporary Culture, University of Westminster, June 2016 (commissioned digital presentation).

CULTURES OF ENERGY, CENHS (Center for Energy and Environmental Research in the Human Sciences)
Rice University, TX, April 2016

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York, NY, April 2015

Special Lecture, New York Mineralogical Society
April 2015

Visiting Artists,Temporary Expert / “The Anthropocene” edition
instructor Marina Zurkow, ITP, New York University, February 2015

Amsterdam, Netherlands, February 2015

Sunday Salon, hosted by Katie Holten and Dillon Cohen, New York, January 2015

Radical Materialism: Making the World Matter,"
CUNY Graduate Center, September 2014

Co-facilitated with Oliver Kellhammer, September 2014
Cartography Primer No. 2, Phats Valley, Truro, MA

Santa Fe Art Instititute, May 2014

INHABITING CHANGE, June 2014, small projects gallery
Tromsø Academy of Landscape Studies and Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art, Norway

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Repository: A Typological Guide to America's Ephemeral Nuclear Infrastructure, launch party and presentation, Proteus Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY June 2012

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“Streaming Landscapes,” Landscapes of Energy Conference, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, May 2012

“Amulets for Infrastructure,” Kyoto University of Art and Design, April 2012

“Vibrant Matter and the Power of Configuration,” Energy!, Vera List Center for Art and Politics, The New School, March 2012

The Geologic Turn: Architecture’s New Alliance, A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning, University of Michigan, February 2012

The Journey Form, Movement as a Way of Knowing, McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas,TX, February 2012

"Speculative Design," workshop with Aalborg University, Denmark, Red Hook, Brooklyn, October 2011

Musagetes September Cafe, Sudbury, Ontario Sept 14-18, 2011

"There is no Zero: Continuous Remix in the Geologic City," Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway, May 2011

Landscape Futures: Super-Workshop, facilitated by Geoff Manaugh, hosted by The Center for Land Use Interpretation, Los Angeles, January 2011

Design and Existential Risk, Parsons School of Design, November 2010

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Visiting Artists, "Narrative Research," Teacher’s College, Columbia University, March 2006

"Designing Times and Places that Invite Learning"
The Prairie Persists-Exploring Connections, Val Marie, SK, October 2005

Exploratory Mapping, Interdisciplinary Approaches to Media Studies and International Affairs"
Co-facilitated with Heather McRae-Woolf, October-December 2004
New School University, New York, NY


Fowler Dune Shack
Provincelands, MA, September 2018

Santa Fe Art Institute
Santa Fe, NM Winter 2017

Rising Waters II, Rauschenberg Foundation
Captiva Island, FL, 5/2016

Santa Fe Art Institute
Santa Fe, NM Winter 2016

Phats Valley
Truro, Massachusetts 9/2014

Small Projects Gallery
Tromso, Norway 6/2014

Santa Fe Art Institute
Santa Fe, NM 5/2014

Finnish Society of Bioart
Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, Finland 9/2013

Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI)
Wendover, UT 6/2010

Cape Cod Modern House Trust (CCMHT)
Kugel/Gips House, Wellfleet, MA 3/2010

Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI)
SimpArch's Clean Livin', Wendover, UT 6/2009

Nevada Museum of Art, Center for Art + Environment
Reno, NV 6/2009
Research residency with The Altered Landscape Collection

The Porches Inn at MASS MoCA
North Adams, MA, 2/2008

Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI)
SimpArch's Clean Livin', Wendover, UT 4/2007

Sundance Preserve
Sundance Resort, UT 4/2007

The Porches Inn at MASS MoCA
North Adams, MA 2/2007

C-Scape Dune Shack
Provincetown, MA, 8 & 9/2006

Swing Space WorkSpace
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York, NY, 6-10/2006


Kickstarter: Living Deep Time Calendar Year 000001

Kickstarter: Living Deep Time Year 000001





Jamie Kruse is an artist, designer and Assistant Professor at Parsons, The New School for Design (New York, NY). In 2005 she co-founded smudge, with Elizabeth Ellsworth, based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work has been supported by the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, The New School Green Fund (Office of Sustainability, The New School); New York State Council for the Arts (2010, 2011) and the Brooklyn Arts Council. She has exhibited and presented her work both nationally and internationally. In the spring of 2014 she was a guest researcher for Future North (AHO Oslo). She is the author of the Friends of the Pleistocene blog, (fopnews.wordpress.com) and has co-edited a collection of essays with Elizabeth Ellsworth entitled, Making the Geologic Now: Responses to Material Conditions of Contemporary Life (punctum books, 2012).
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Elizabeth Ellsworthis Emeritus Professor, School of Media Studies, The New School, New York. Elizabeth’s research and teaching focus on media and change; the design of mediated learning environments; and documentary media forms. Her scholarship consists of projects and practices that fuse performative research with aesthetic experience and public pedagogy. She is author of Places of Learning: Media, Architecture, Pedagogy (Routledge, 2004) and Teaching Positions: Difference, Pedagogy and the Power of Address (Teachers College Press, 1997). She is co-founder, with Jamie Kruse, of a nonprofit media arts collaboration smudge studio. smudge has received funding from international foundations to produce and exhibit work on the material conditions of life and learning in the Anthropocene. download full CV

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contact us: smudgestudio@gmail.com