Each polaroid has been materially impressed by the air and light of each site. The presence of a hand within the frame documents a human momentarily passing through the geologic forces of a place and time. The digital photo frames a moment from which the human, the landscape, and the polaroid will continue to undergo distinct processess of change, change shaped by the forces specific to their material composition and surrounding environment.

Laurentide: The name of the last continental ice sheet (20,000-95,000 years ago). Pinto Gneiss: 1.7 billion year old rock found in Joshua Tree National Park. Yucca Brevifolia (Joshua Tree): a species of yucca more than 13,000 years old. Lake Lahontan: a pluvial lake that covered much of northwestern Nevada 18,000 years ago. Walker Lake and Pyramid Lake are the only remnants and now separated by 130 miles of dry land. Aha Kwahwat (Colorado River in Mojave): A 5 million year old river diverted into the Hoover dam and human-made Lake Mead. Tse'Bii'Ndzisgaii (Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park): A plateau eroded into a basin over the span of 50 million years. Cambrian Manhattan Formation (Manhattan Schist) Formed around 450 million years ago when shale was pushed from the ocean floor into the Earth’s molten core during a collision between North America and the Atlantic Ocean.